#Unseat Philip Davies in Shipley

We can’t just campaign in election time.

If we only campaign during election time, we end up taking voters for granted. We have to get out and canvass now. We’ve got be embedded in our communities. We’ve got to be that living, breathing movement that is present in people’s everyday lives.

Don’t worry if you’ve never knocked on a door before. Momentum will provide training on the day, and you’ll be paired with somebody who’s been canvassing before. Once you knock a few doors, you’ll realise how easy it is.

Philip Davies is the MP for Shipley and we want to unseat him as he's regularly criticised as a sexist, racist and homophobe, he only has a majority of 4681. So we will be out canvassing, time and location TBC. Find out more on our #Unseat website

September 09, 2017 at 12pm - September 10, 2017