Activist Training

During the General Election Momentum trained nearly 4000 people in how to have persuasive conversations. We have now launched Momentum's Train the Trainer programme which has already trained 90 activists in how to deliver two training sessions one on 'How the Labour Party Works' and another on 'Persuasive Conversations'. 

If you would like to request a training in your local Momentum group or CLP then please email [email protected] with the subject line TRAINING REQUEST



How the Labour Party Works?

Do you know what happens at your branch meeting? Would you like to stand to be a councillor? This session guides you through the structure of the Labour Party from the perspective of a new member called Jo. Jo gets involved in politics because she cares about education policy. The session tracks her journey through attending her local branch, CLP, Party conference and eventually ending up as a local councillor. For new and old activists this session will help you get to grips with the sometimes intimidating machine that is the Labour Party.

Persuasive conversations

Whether we have 1 year or 5 before the next general election we need to be having conversations with our neighbours, teachers, nurses and friends about the Labour Party’s vision for society. Understanding how people think about politics, how to deal with difficult conversations and a policy workshop on key Labour Party policy, this participatory session provides people with a simple framework for communicating political ideas with people who may have very different preconceptions and background knowledge.