Group support


If you've checked the Groups Map and there is no local group in your council or borough, please email and we will help you organise your first meeting and get set up. 


Speakers Network

Momentum office have set up a Speakers’ Network for local groups including Labour MPs, journalists and radical policy experts, who have agreed to attend local Momentum groups. We will endeavour to ensure that ‘big speakers’ travel outside of London and big cities as well, and will particularly target key Labour marginal constituencies. We are committed to developing this as an ongoing resource for groups. If you would like to request a speaker for your local group please fill in this request form.


Transforming Labour

Experienced Labour Party activists will offer informal advice and guidance on Labour Party engagement to local organisers by telephone or email. If you have any questions about increasing participation in Labour, please email them to w ith your contact details.


Group Finance



If you need a copy of our logo for you Group FB or Twitter page, you can download the logo pack here