Labour Party Conference 2017


Labour Party Conference is the biggest gathering of Labour members every year, and the ultimate decision making body of the party.

After a surge in membership numbers under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership this year’s conference is set to be one of the largest ever, with huge numbers of Constituency Labour Party (CLP) delegates attending from Saturday 23rd September to Wednesday 27th September in Brighton.

Those delegates will be debating and voting on a number of crucial rule changes as well as helping to guide some important policy areas for the party.


Useful information about the conference

We’ve put together some guides and briefings with useful information for delegates attending the 2017 Labour Party Conference in Brighton:


  • You should also check out our Delegates Briefing here to get a brief summary of the essential information for delegates.
  • We have also put together some suggested contemporary motions for CLPs to submit to conference. Please note that these do not represent Momentum’s position on Labour Party policy, but are designed to encourage discussion around issues Jeremy Corbyn raised in his leadership campaigns. Campaign for Labour Party Democracy are also circulating suggested contemporary motions, which are available here.

  • And when you’re not in the conference centre itself, don’t forget to check out The World Transformed, a four day festival of politics, art, and music going on in venues across Brighton at the same time.


Important votes before and during the conference

  • Make sure your CLP nominates Teresa Clark (Lewisham West and Penge CLP, L1427287) and Jean Crocker (Gateshead CLP, L1306356) for the Women’s Conference Arrangements Committee. The WCAC will set the agenda of future Women’s Conferences as well as deciding what issues are ruled in or out of order. As with the Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC), it is extremely important that members are represented by people who are committed to a members-led party on this committee. If you are a delegate to the women’s Conference this year, make sure you vote for Teresa and Jean.
  • Momentum and CLPD are supporting Anna Dyer (Glasgow Maryhill and Springburn CLP, L0081865) and Emina Ibrahim (Hornsey and Wood Green CLP, L0150489) for the National Constitutional Committee, which will be voted on by delegations during Conference. For more information, check out our Conference Guide.

Other resources

  • For all logistical and administrative support and information, including for individual delegates, please see the Labour Party Website.

  • For official Labour Party documents for Conference delegates including the NEC report and CAC reports, please see membersnet (login required).


Further Questions

For any further questions for Momentum about Conference, please write into