Join us and plan the Momentum Trade Unionists Network

Millions of people across the country were energised over the last few years by Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour party and the opportunity of a socialist government, with many becoming politically active for the first time. But we didn’t see the same surge of energy into trade unions and workplace organising. 

As many employers and the government ramp up their attacks on trade unions and workers’ rights, the importance of workplace organising has never been clearer. 

In our new strategy for Momentum, we’ve set out a commitment to support every Momentum member to get active in their trade union and linked up with trade union organisers across the country -  sharing strategies to win in the workplace and build working class power.

So together with Momentum members across the country we’re setting up the Momentum Trade Unionists Network, to support trade union struggle and to help develop the next generation of socialist trade unionists, organising in our workplaces as well as in the Labour Party. 

And we want you to step up and get involved.

Let us know if you’re interested in being part of the Momentum Trade Unionists network by filling out this form, whether you are an experienced trade unionist or looking to learn more! We’ll keep you up to date with Trade Unionists Network national events and put you in touch with other Momentum members organising local Momentum Trade Unionists Networks.