South East Regional Board

What do Regional Boards do?

One of the most important ways that Labour Party members can get seriously engaged in the Labour Party is via their regional boards. Regional Boards are the elected bodies which have a key role in influencing the development of the Labour Party in regions, including organising Conferences, hearing appeals and other disciplinary affairs, as well as deciding shortlists for elected Mayors. Crucially, regional boards are the institutions tasked with holding the regional officers to account, and ensuring that the development of the party at a regional level is representative of the views of members.

What are the Responsibilities of CLP Representatives on the Regional Board?

Members’ representatives on regional boards have the following responsibilities:

  • Attending all meetings and potentially any relevant subcommittees.
  • Reporting back to party members on the work of the board.
  • Feed issues into through to the Regional Officer from CLPs.
  • Sitting on panels hearing appeals on disciplinary affairs relating to both individuals and CLPs, as well as councillor selections.
  • Ensuring the regional office fulfils the range of functions outlined in its standing orders on behalf of members.
  • Ensuring the regional office allocates resources into areas where there is potential to expand support for Labour.
  • In some cases, members of the Regional Board are asked to represent the National Executive Committee on selection committees of Parliamentary candidate selections.

How often does the Regional Board meet?

The South East regional board meets 4-6 times per year, although CLP representatives may be required to attend other meetings as well, including appeal panels, subcommittee meetings, and selection committee meetings.

What are the rules of the South East Regional Board

Each region has its own standing orders, which are only amendable at regional Conferences. The Standing Orders for the South East Region are here.

When is the South East Regional Conference and what does it do?

The South East Region has its Conference every two years. The Conference elected the regional board for the following two years, as well as engaging in discussions and hearing speakers. This year the Conference will be in November in Southampton. Most regions are organised into sub-regions. In South East, delegates from each sub-region (the five sub-regions are Berkshire and Surrey, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, Kent, and Sussex) can elect two representatives to serve on the Regional Board, making ten CLP representatives are on the board in total. CLPs are entitled to send one delegate to Conference for the first 250 members, and another delegate for every additional 250 members as of December 31st 2017. Delegations must be gender balanced, and CLPs who only send one delegate have to alternative between men and women each year. As with card votes at the Annual Conference, CLP delegates’ votes are weighted according to their membership.

How will Momentum decide who stands on the left slate for the regional board?

Momentum will work with other progressive organisations and stakeholders to build a slate which is fully capable of effectively representing the members of the South East and transforming the regional Labour Party. In order to decide who we will promote in those discussions, we would like to invite any members who wish to represent members on the Regional Board to apply. Interviews will be conducted in April or May by a panel representing Momentum’s National Coordinating Group, and applicants will be chosen on the basis of who best meet the person specification, as well as ensuring the final slate is as representative of the diversity of the South East as possible. Because the final slate will involve discussions with other organisations, passing through Momentum’s process does not guarantee getting on the final slate.

How do Momentum members apply to be on the slate?

Before applying, please read this explainer fully, as well as the Standing Orders for the South East Region, and the person specification for applicants. You may also wish to consult fellow Momentum and Labour Party members before doing so. People can apply by completing an application form and sending it into [email protected] with the subject line ‘South East Regional Board Slate Application’ before midnight on Friday May 4th, 2018.