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By completing this form, you confirm that you are eligible for membership of Momentum because you support the aims of Momentum and agree to abide by its constitution, including the code of ethics and equal opportunities policy, you are a member of the Labour party and no other political party, and you are 14 years old or over. If you complete this form but are not eligible for membership, then your membership shall not be accepted but your membership fee may not be returned.

Your details will be stored in accordance with our privacy policy. If you do not wish to receive information from us, please write to Momentum at 10 Melton St, London, NW1 2EJ or email info@peoplesmomentum.com

This form is for a one off payment for a limited term of membership which ends at midnight on 30 June 2017. To join Momentum on a permanent basis, please use this form.

Become a short-term member for just £1

Momentum's thousands of activists are mobilising to campaign for Labour in key marginals across the country. Become a short-term member of Momentum for the duration of the general election to get involved, receive training and resources and help elect a Labour government!

 Short-term members will have the same rights and access to services as permanent members until the end of June. At the end of June short-term members will be asked if they wish to become full members of Momentum. Membership will not be automatically renewed.