Your Referendum


On Thursday 23 June, Britain will take the massive decision to remain in or leave the EU. Sadly, many feel that much of that debate so far has been an alienating squabble between different factions of the Tory Party. But this isn't their referendum, it's your referendum.

That's why Momentum, following a decision by our national committee to back a left case for IN and support Another Europe is Possible, has created #YourReferendum, an opensource, online platform for campaigning and organising tools to take the debate out of Westminster and into our communities. 

This is your platform to take back this referendum from the Tories, UKIP and 'Project Fear' and make it yours. 

The #YourReferendum webpage will develop alongside the activism that takes place across the country. Please send us any templates or resources you're using in your campaigning to, so we can share it with thousands of other citizen campaigners across the UK. 

Download your EU campaign materials:


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 Voter registration (Deadline for registering to vote is June 7th!)


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Find your Local Labour IN campaign day:




Find events near you:




Other ways to get involved:


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